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competiţie> University of Amsterdam caută talente româneşti

University of Amsterdam goes talent hunting in Romania
Are you our vundermind? -

Universitatea din Amsterdam este în cătare de talente româneşti. Competiţia se adresează liceenilor români, pasionaţi de informatică (as in computer science) şi implicit computere (sîc).

Who are we looking for?
If you are:
- registered in a Romanian highschool,
- have a passion for computers and computer science,
- love challenges.

What's good to know?
- Data structures: arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs
- Complexity evaluation
- Sorting algorithms
- Algorithms on trees and graphs
- Backtracking alghorithms
- Greedy algoritms
- Dynamic alghorithms

Planning to participate at the Romanian informatics olympiad?
We know this is a tough contest in Romania. If you are preparing to compete in it, then you are already on your way for vundermind!
Prepare once, strike twice!

Competing is easy!
- Register and fill in your profile
- Be in good shape on the day of the contest (february 2013, the exact date will be announced soon!)
- Give your best at solving the problems
- Upload the solutions before the time runs out

And that's it!

What is the prize?
A week in Amsterdam!
You will visit the University and its Campus, have meetings with students, alumni and programme coordinators. All this will give you a better idea of university standards and resources available for Computer Science students. We will also visit the Amsterdam headquarters of some big IT companies together!

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